Bloom's PDF color output

I realized that Bloom generates PDFs that are made from HTML. That means that the output are RGB colors, which is okay if you work with RGB images, produce for mobile phones or the Internet and plan to print it with digital printers.

BUT if a Bloom user wants to print an offset product, the print shop usually expects CMYK color description. The print shop can “reformat” the RGB colors. - But this will change the color quality and the pictures come out with worse colors.

Example: a given original CMYK logo, inserted into Bloom, will be published from HTML (=RGB colors). But if somebody later, for offset purposes, changes the Bloom RGB.PDF back to CMYK, the color of the printed result will be changed again.

I’m wondering if it is possible in Bloom to generate the PDF output not only from HTML but also from the input color format (of CMYK images). I guess this would be a helpful feature.


Yes, I don’t know what we can do about that.

When you Save the PDF, you can choose cmyk:


I don’t think that solves the problem of preserving a CMYK logo. It was done because of reports that some printshops in India weren’t accepting RGB PDFs at all.

I’m not too savvy about color or PDF terminology, so I’m curious
about the CMYK option in the screenshot below: Should it read,
“Web Coded”, perhaps? Or does “Web Coated” have a technical



I was debating whether this deserved a separate post, but it is very related, so… I’ll add it here first and we can move it if necessary.

Shagirt also shared with me that he would like to be able to set the the background color of the cover in the PDF (not just for digital publication as can be done now) for offset printing. To go along with that, he would like to be able to set the text color to something lighter than black when the cover is darker.

@Shagirt, does that sufficiently describe what you were asking for?

Yes, thanks Andrew.
In some situations it would be helpful, to get the output pdf with background colored covers (dark background needs lighter or white text color).
Until now people can use a workaround with the CustomBookStyles.css. This is a solution but many of Bloom users need to ask friends how to do this. In other words it would be nice to have an interface option for this.

Thanks, John. I haven’t seen this Save as type option.
Anyway, I read that European print shops have problems to accept CMYK color (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2) pdfs.

OK, we can add whatever profiles people need.