Bloom's "new Content Licensing system"

I’ve just noticed the following in the 4.7 release notes:

In all publish screens, if a book uses Bloom’s new Content Licensing system, Bloom will prevent publishing a language that has not yet been licensed for that book. This will prevent accidental violation of license agreements in which a publisher needs to limit which languages are published. For example, they may allow minority language translations to be Creative Commons licensed while relying on sales of the original English version for company revenue.

Can you provide more information about this system and how to use it, please?

Bumping this to see if someone has an answer.

Hey Paul,
I won’t go into much detail here, but this came out of our support for translating SuperBible comics. The SuperBible maintainers are allowing us to have access to English and other majority-language versions as source materials, but those are not allowed to be published directly in Bloom.

So the upshot is, this system let’s us control, for certain source material, which languages can be derived/published.

If you would like more detail than that, let me know, and I’ll shoot you an email.