BloomPub Viewer For Linux?

Would it be possible to run BloomPub Viewer in Linux? I am working on proposal “community engagement centers” that would be dc-only fanless mini desktop (Asus PN42), monitor, and keyboard stations that would serve as a multi-purpose device: book creation during the day, and J film / book display in the afternoons / early evenings. There would also be a phone charging station for income for the “community manager” that would oversee the machine and guide users.

I do know of others using pico projectors / android tablet (or phone) transmitting to the projector (or with it running Android directly maybe just for control of it), but in our considerations we want a single work station that can serve as book creation AND media consumption device.

We would plan on it running Wasta-Linux, but for book viewing it would be nice to be able to use BloomPub Viewer instead of only viewing a .pdf or an .epub.

Thanks for any insights. As it seems to be electron based, I would guess it may not be too difficult to get BloomPub Viewer up and running on Linux?

It shouldn’t be too hard to provide debian packages for BloomPub Viewer. The build process has a --linux flag that produces a .deb file. This doesn’t have a source package associated with it, which may be needed to upload to pso for distribution. Creating the debian setup for this probably wouldn’t be too involved, maybe a couple of hours of work.
I have run BloomPub viewer on my Linux machine in the past after building it locally, but haven’t extensively tested it.

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Thank you! With your clue about the “–linux” flag I should be able to try locally to consider.

I was able to run and build after getting yarn installed. It did create a .deb as you noted with this command:

yarn --linux release

But if I install the .deb or try directly this way:

yarn --linux dev

…both end with it running, and I am able to select a .bloomd or .bloompub file but have a “white screen of death” after that. It could be that I need to go back to an earlier commit or something. I just took the master branch from here: