Bloom Reader: Language Toggle Switch

Since Bloom Reader now allows us all to create beautiful, free libraries of ‘Talking Books’, people are going to want to put in many books, in multiple languages! But the way Bloom Reader currently handles books in multiple languages is by storing the same book multiple times. Resulting in lots of redundancy!

Our library is going to have 70 books but in 3 languages. Because there is no option to switch between languages, the only option now is to store the book 3 times, resulting in a very large Bloombundle (all books zipped up).

Adding a language toggle switch would solve this issue. The Bloom team is in favor of the toggle switch, so all we need is some votes to have this feature request climb the ladder of importance :slight_smile:

By the way, if you haven’t tried Bloom Reader yet, go ahead and download it from Google Play!! It’s amazing!!

Great job Bloom Team!!

I think what Koen is asking for (“this approach”) is a feature request for multilanguage Bloom Reader books, right? The ability to read/listen to a book in English and then switch to Rapoisi with a screen control and listen to the same book. I’m in favor of it! Do we have to go vote on the Bloom features web page?

Thanks Bloom Team for the great progress you’re making!

I think this is a great suggestion! I believe it would be really useful and appreciated by our Department of Education partners here in the Philippines. And very helpful for bridging students from L1 to L2/L3, etc…