Bloom Reader comprehension quizzes in more than one place

It looks like Bloom always puts the comprehension quiz page at the end of the book. It would be great if one could place such a page in the middle of the book. There is a approach to helping children learn to read that you stop at certain points and ask a question that challenges them to think ahead or to review what they’ve just read. It would also help if you could then add more than one quiz page, though I haven’t tried to do that.

For what it’s worth, you can add more than one quiz page, but you are correct that currently they always go to the end of the book.

I agree that this would be a useful feature for literacy purposes. This is good step towards making Bloom books more interactive - not just testing comprehension at the end, but throughout the book.

I agree–I can’t remember what I entitled it, but this has been mentioned previously, so there’s a double entry somewhere on this suggestion. But as Liz says, it would make the books more interactive and a useful feature for literacy purposes.

A team in South Asia are wanting to make their books more interactive, so they are also interested in the ability to have comprehension quizzes throughout the book.

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Our plans for 4.6 include a complete rewrite of the Comprehension Quiz page, making it more like a normal page from the author’s point of view. You can see the mockup here.

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This has now shipped in Bloom 4.6.

Note : while the new QUIZ features are there in 4.6, users won’t see these changes in Bloom Reader until Bloom Reader 2.0, which is still in alpha release. We are hoping to get Bloom Reader 2.0 to Release stage in October 2019. In the meantime, users of Bloom Reader 1.3 will still be able to use the quizzes, but they will appear at the end of the book.