Bloom Reader bookshelves

I tried to store .epubs in the boom reader apps. I want to keep various types of books stored in the apps in separate bookshelves. Is it possible, if yes how?

@Sachin This seems to be posted in the wrong place. I have moved it to Bloom How To.

The question does not seem relevant to Reading App Builder.

Hi @Sachin,
Now that your question found its way to the right forum… Bloom can create epubs, but Bloom Reader does not use epubs; it uses “bloomPubs”, which are like epubs but with benefit.

There is a way to cause your books to show up in bookshelves in Bloom Reader. For example, in Papua New Guinea the national curriculum is divided into grades and terms, and these show up in Bloom Reader grouped the same way.

This is a special service that we provide for our Enterprise subscribers. Please contact me directly for more information on that.