Bloom Player within RAB 6.1

I just finished installing and compiling an app with RAB 6.1, in which I included a Bloom book.

I installed it on a Samsung running Lollipop. It only opened to a blank page that said in very small letters in the top left-hand corner “Loading Bloom Player…” but that’s all the farther it got.

I also installed it on my LG running Pie. It loads just fine. The audio plays perfectly, and the text highlights perfectly as it’s being read.

However, I lose all of the motion I programmed into the original book in Bloom. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay for the ease of getting a Bloom book incorporated into my RAB app.

Is this normal, or should the motion (Ken Burns effect) be carrying over to the Bloom Player?

BTW, kudos to the programmers who are making this work!!

The Bloom Player in RAB is still in Alpha. Good to hear it works on one phone but not good it does not work on both.

This may take a few releases to get right. I is being worked on by collaboration between the Bloom team and the RAB team.

You do have the option to change the Book Typ: Bloom Book – convert to Picture Story Book though this method will probably go away once the Bloom player is working well.

When all else fails I run a script to convert the Bloom book to an SFM Picture Story Book.