Bloom Graphite Support?

Will Bloom continue to support graphite enabled fonts for complex script rendering? It was working before in earlier versions of Bloom, but Bloom 3.9.101 doesn’t seem to be rendering graphite enabled conjunct characters.

Is this something that is being discontinued in more recent versions of Bloom, or is there a setting somewhere to enable graphite that I’ve missed?

Thanks for contributing to Bloom by using the beta version and reporting issues!

I’m sorry you’re having a problem with Bloom beta 3.9 and Graphite. We certainly have not intentionally removed that feature.

Would you please submit your book in Bloom using Help -> Report a Problem? Be sure the "Include Book’ checkbox is checked. This will upload your book and create an issue in our bug tracking system. With the book, we should be able to diagnose the problem you are experiencing.

Andrew Polk
Language Software Developer
SIL International

@Anjie_00 It turned out that the embedded Firefox we use had issued a version that had Graphite disabled by default. Bloom 3.8.7 and the latest 3.9 beta has Graphite re-enabled. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.