Bloom for Macs

Is there a version of Bloom Creator available for Mac? Or plans today creat one?

Hi @JennyS,

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I’m going to repost what a colleague wrote two years ago in response to a similar question:

If you want to create books with Bloom, then I’m sorry, a mac version of the Bloom editor is still years away.

However, if you just want to be able to download books and read them on a mac, please let us know. We could quickly publish a mac version of the “BloomPub Viewer” that runs on macs.


Thanks! I was thinking that might be the case. I’m asking for someone else, but they have a co-worker who has a PC, so hopefully they can work that way.

Note that Bloom works on Mac VMs like Parallels.

We apologize for the long wait for a native Mac version. For the past couple of years, about 50% of our effort has gone towards modernizing Bloom’s code so that it will work on all platforms. That number will grow even larger in 2024. It’s a very, very long journey.

So, just to confirm, Bloom Creator would work on a Mac VM?


Hi Jenny,
While there is no product named Bloom Creator, I know what you mean :slight_smile: Yes, we’ve seen many people run Bloom (the program for making Bloom books) on Macs.

Do your have a recommendation for a VM that would help with running Bloom on a Mac? I’m not sure how tech savvy my friends are, but they are really excited about using the program and only have Macs.

I have recently seen someone using Apple’s Parallels with Bloom.

Alternatively, VMWare Fusion is free for “non commercial activity”. It also appears to have a button for downloading the Windows 11 you’ll need.

Let us know how it goes!