Bloom collections-adding and deleting

Can someone tell me how to delete a collection? Also can someone tell me how to create a new collection and then copy some or all books from an existing collection and then put it into a new bloom collection?

Making a new collection is done in the Collections tab using an option in the dialog that comes up when you click “Other collection.”

Deleting collections and copying books between collections can be done using the usual programs on your computer for manipulating files and folders. You can find the folder for a particular book by right-clicking it in Collections tab and choosing “open folder on disk.” The collection is just the containing folder.

OK I know how to add collections.
To copy bloom books from one collection to another: Within Windows Explorer, I copied the files from one folder to the other folder but the titles of the bloom books disappeared in the copy process. Is there a video on vimeo related to copying books from one folder to another? The question is this. Even the empty newly created folder has 3 files in it. When I copy contents from the older existing folder, do I copy all the files or just some? In addition to the book files, which other files should get copied into the new folder?

When copying books, you copy the entire contents of the book folder. You shouldn’t need to copy anything else.

My guess is the title disappeared because the language settings for the new collection are different than the previous collection and the title has not been added in the new language or languages.