Bloom automatic leveling

Both Bloom Library as well as Bloom Editor have book leveling abilities.

When I saw one of our Level 1 readers rated by Bloom Library as a Level 4 book, I wanted to find out why.

Example book: “Who are you” on Bloomlibrary

This book is in no way a level 4 reader, but it has a page with ideas for the teacher at the end of the book. That page makes that the book is pushed to a much higher level ranking than intended.

A similar thing is happening in Bloom Editor. When I use the “Leveled Reader Tool” with this book, I also get a much higher level ranking than what I’m looking for.

Feature Request - If there was a way to tell Bloom what page(s) to ignore in the leveling process, this could be solved.

The Translation Instructions page template in Bloom will be ignored for reader stats, but I think you can’t use that in your case because it will also not get published.

Warning: technical details follow; use at your own risk…

If a page has the bloom-ignoreForReaderStats class, it will be ignored for reader stats, so you can use that as a workaround. Let us know if you need more detail.

Regarding how BloomLibrary assigns a computed level:
It is a very basic calculation based on max words on a page. Currently those thresholds are 10, 25, and 50 words on a page.

It is also possible for BloomLibrary staff to manually assign a level apart from that computed level.
The levels on BloomLibrary are described as:
1: first words and phrases
2: first sentences
3: first paragraphs
4: longer paragraphs

The levels from leveled readers are completely separate from this leveling system on BloomLibrary. The reason is each group may set up their leveled reader levels in Bloom with a different system, but the level system on BloomLibrary should provide some consistency across books.

Let us know if you have further questions.