Better handling for when book source is moved

Hello RAB development team,

Thanks for always improving this wonderful tool.

I was trying to update the books in my app, but I only got the dialogue box saying that no resources were updated. That was strange, because I knew that I had just updated them! Then I tried right clicking on the book and selecting the option for it to take me to the folder the source file was in. SAB told me that it couldn’t find the book anymore.

Then I realized that the books were not updating because I had moved folders around a few levels up in my system directory.

I couldn’t point SAB to the new file path, so I deleted the books and readded them.

Then I realized that my books no longer displayed as song books. So I fixed that setting. Then I realized that I had lost all of my audio because of the deleting and re-adding. Now I need to restore a copy of my project as reference and re-add 100+ audio and timing files :grimacing:.

My suggestions:

  • Don’t tell the user no resources were updated if it couldn’t find the resource. Rather, tell him it can’t find the resource.
  • Have RAB check that all books are where expected upon loading. If not, alert the user. For the book list in each collection, display a :warning: next to each book without a source.
  • Allow user to point RAB to the book’s new location.

These changed would be relevant for SAB too.



This could also go for checking the state of audio files.