Best inexpensive devices for using Bloom

See question below from a colleague. I know it’s not compatible with her suggested tech, but do you have any recommendations for inexpensive devices on which to run Bloom?

“What is the best/cheapest piece of technology to do Bloom on? I’d love to get two more inexpensive tablets or kindles or something, one for my friend who speaks a local language and one of the group that I’ll be working with so that if people come by the house, they can work on translating or creating books in their languages. Any thoughts?”

Sorry for the delay. I’m not sure I have a great answer for you…

Bloom runs on Windows and Linux.
So, the cheapest option is probably a cheap netbook (do they still make those?) with Linux. But Linux requires a more tech-savvy user. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have prior experience or good technical help available.