Best import route(s) of existing books

LS. What would you suggest as the best route for the following file formats we want to import into bloom:

  1. MS Publisher .pub files
  2. MS Word .doc and .docx files
  3. Adobe PDF
  4. Indesign idml files.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Bart,

There are three ways in:

  1. Just copy/paste each image, each text.
  2. Generate a spreadsheet, then use Bloom’s Spreadsheet Import (an Enterprise feature experimental)
  3. If possible from your platform, generate ePUBs, fund one of our programmers to adapt our ePUB importer to your books.

One of our customers has recently been exporting text from In Design and then going through (2), with a lot of manual effort in between, I gather. A similar mix of export and by-hand manipulation could be used with all of your formats. If your books were extremely uniform and you had enough books to warrant it, you could get a programmer to create a largely automated process to create the spreadsheets.

Hope that helps. We’d be happy to chat with you more about your project.