Batak keyboard not functioning properly

I just started using Batak keyboard (Batak keyboard) on Mac OS Ventura. However I noticed this problem:

Depending on what app I am typing, the on-screen keyboard and the displayed character after typing are different. For example, on on-screen keyboard it shows ᯲ for key “q”, and when typed, it does show ᯲ on this Chrome browser, but when typed on All-in-One Messenger app, the typed character shows up as this diacritic instead: スクリーンショット 2023-10-09 22.40.01

What is the problem?

Btw, @bennylin Are you the developer?

Someone recently had a problem with some keys on a Keyman keyboard not working as intended. They found that verifying the privacy settings for Keyman in Mac OS fixed their problem.

See this link for what the settings need to be:
How to configure macOS security options for Keyman

Thanks. My privacy settings were set so it was not the problem. But I did resolve the above issue by restarting (I had not restarted after installing Keyman).

But now the problem I was initially investigating was actually this: they way combining characters are displayed on the Mac and Android are different.
Let me explain below.
On Keyman, in order to write “tip” using Batak characters, I typed tipq, and then it automatically reverse the order and show tpiq, which is correctly the way Batak characters are written. However, the typed characters are shown as tipq on Android (no automatic order reversion is done).

I made a web page to demonstrate this:
This is how this is displayed on a browser (by any browser) on the Mac:

I am a novice of keyboards so I don’t know what is wrong here. Hopefully someone can advise.

This is how it is displayed on a browser on Android:

Thanks for your question.

I wonder if this is a font issue. That is, the font is displaying the characters in the “tpi” order even though they are entered and stored in the “tip” order. If the font is not present (which is quite likely on Android), the characters appear differently.

When I open your example web page on my computer, the “Copied from Wikipedia” example displays differently from that in your screenshot (in “tip” order rather than the “tpi” order). I expect this is because I don’t have the font you are using.

Hello see from your link you are using the Mulitling O keyboard. I tried to install this but unfortunately it doesn’t support my newer version of android.
I did however install Keyman link is here Keyman – Apps on Google Play and then the Batak keyboard. Using this keyboard typing tipq outputs the same as keyman on the desktop. Without be able to install the Multiling O keyboard my guess is that it has different keyboard rules for the sequence of key input. Which would explain the difference you are seeing.

It seems that you are correct. I created a version of the web page with instruction to use Noto Sans Batak font from Google:
Now it displays the text correctly on all browsers and all platforms that I have (Mac/Android).
I don’t know how to find out what font was used when the web page did not specify which font to use. In fonts best practice, can I say Noto Sans Batak is correct and the other (unknown) font is wrong?

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Perhaps safer to say something like: “A font which can correctly render text in the Batak script (such as Noto Sans Batak) is needed to properly display text.”

I would suggest that typing order is significant, i.e. tipq vs tpiq. When typed as tipq, the text renders correctly on my macOS, when typed as tpiq, i get a dotted circle on U+1BF2 BATAK PANGOLAT. This would indicate that for the font I am using, ᯪ ‎1BEA BATAK VOWEL SIGN I followed by ᯲ ‎1BF2 BATAK PANGOLAT is an invalid sequence.

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