B/W Bible story series, copyrighted to "Kartidaya"

Hi! Does anyone know if the B/W Bible stories copyrighted to “Kartidaya” are in a collection on Bloom? They don’t seem to be one of the collectons under the “Bible Stories” category. Below is the URL for the first one, “The Creation of the World.”

Thanks so much!

Hi @JennyS.

We are currently investigating one issue which prevents you from getting to these books simply by searching for “Kartidaya” in the search box.

But searching for “copyright:Kartidaya” does work.

Thank you so much! I was having the same problem searching for just “Kartidaya.” Is it possible to make a collection of the books under “Bible Books,” as well?

The regular search for “Kartidaya” is now working. You’ll need to click the “Search deeper” button since you are searching for a copyright, not a title.

I’ll pass your question about creating a page for these to the librarian.

Thank you so much! It would be great to have a collection for this Bible story series, as it looks like it’s the only B/W series on Bible story series on Bloom.

The Kartidaya books now have their own collection under “Bible Books”!