Automatic keyboard switching

Is there a way to have the keyboard switch automatically depending on which field the cursor is in (vernacular, gloss, etc.)?

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Hi, OJ. Thank you for your question! The vernacular and gloss fields automatically have different fonts to support the different vernacular writing system and analysis writing system of a project. However, keyboard switching is left up to the user.

If you want any help setting up a convenient keyboard switching arrangement, I suspect the Keyman group could be of assistance.

How to switch keyboards is not really the issue. We have keyboard shortcuts available to do that. But using those would involve thousands of extra keyboard strokes in a Combine project - every time you change from a vernacular field to a gloss field. Any keyboard switching arrangement that is not automatic is less convenient than automatic switching. Being able to associate a keyboard to a writing system would allow automatic keyboard switching and save thousands of keyboard strokes, prevent errors of mistakenly typing with the wrong keyboard which means material needs to be deleted and retyped, thus saving a lot of time and trouble. Older software like WeSay has the option to associate a keyboard with an input writing system - is there something about a web app that makes it difficult or impossible to implement that in The Combine?

Thanks for some additional detail. I was unaware of this capability in WeSay. I’ll look into the possibility of this for The Combine.

@OJ_G Our dev team has discussed this matter. Being a web app, The Combine does not have access to system keyboard settings as used in WeSay and FLEx. We do not expect to have automatic keyboard switching in The Combine in the near future.