Auto AI Transcription

I was making a music video in the minority language project we work with. My video editor (cyberlink) offered as a new feature AI subtitling (but only into English). I did this and it made the breaks of subtitle files at the natural locations in the text. If I thought carefully about the gobbly goop that came out as the subtitles, I could determine what verse of the song it had picked up and I could adjust the text easily. Several subscription online video editors have a similar feature. They offer Indonesian and Tagalog which are more closely related languages. In some ways using this was good. It could give me some exact words and in other ways it was worse, because it would attempt to change words towards the wrong language. I wonder if SIL would consider setting up AI subtitling or transcription where it attempts to match the data input for a language’s phonology and also works against a word list and word corpus or maybe even other transcribed texts to provide an attempt at transcribing automatically. I don’t imagine this will get done by the time I need it, but I know I will need this function in the future as well. It seems to tie in well with the function of SayMore, but maybe I’m missing a more appropriate software.