Asking about the Mandaic Language


I want to thank you for the amazing application (keyman) I love it and it helped me to much.

But I want to ask you why did you removed the Mandaic language.

I’m a Mandean and it was so helpful für me and the other Mandeans too.

Please can you bring it back, that would be awesome.

Many thanks for you and i and all Mandeans appreciate your amazing work.


Ardwan Ghany

The Mandaic keyboard is available here


Thank you for answering me.
I meant in the application Keyman I can not find it anymore in the language list so I can install it.

Ardwan Ghany

It looks like the Mandaic keyboard is not currently available for iOS and Android. I wonder if we could update it minimally for touch support? It looks like a relatively straightforward layout.

Yeah that will be awesome.
You guys doing great job by saving a 5 thousands years old language.
Me and all Mandeans are appropriating your amazing work.

We did add a tablet layout which is now available. Mandaic Phonetic keyboard

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Thank you guys I appreciate a lot