Archiving books

Hi, I don’t know what is the best way to archive these Bloom books. The library is not really meant as an archive (as in archive in REAP and put your references to the library). I would like to archive more than just the .pdf files and .bloompub files. At the moment I am putting booklets and bloomreader files on bloomlibrary (because of difference in layout for instance). Any ideas?

Hi Bep.

For archiving, I would say that the .bloomSource format would be the best format for archiving.

Right-click on your book, and choose “More”, and then choose "Save as Single File (*.bloomSource):

Great! And then unzip when needed.

Does the .bloomSource file contain all of the book folder’s files? One thing I know it doesn’t contain which could be important for archiving is the language settings files, which are in the collection folder, not the book folder.

Our next Beta – which will be 5.6.112 – will bundle in the Bloom collection file in a .bloomSource.

If you are using Bloom 5.6, the software will inform you when this version becomes available (or it will be automatically installed if you have that option selected).

The .bloomCollection file would be good, but I gather that still leaves out the language settings files which are needed in order to continue editing a book as a decodable or leveled book.

It’s not clear to me if the ability to continue editing a book with every resource that was used is a key part of archiving. We have one project using word lists in the 10k range. It seems like that’s getting well beyond being part of a book’s archive material.

You’re right. ReaderToolsSettings-xxx.json should be sufficient to have the letters, decodable stages, and levels. Those should always be less than 10.

Oh–and part of archiving is being able to find in the archive the full package of source files for any work that enables someone to revise a work or further develop it. As it is, those settings files always and only stay in the collection folder on the user’s computer and are never captured for future repurposing.

How about, instead, we aim to have those supporting files as their own archive entry?