Arabic Script breaks when copied from Word to Publisher

I have made a keyboard that uses this character: ݜ U+075C. When typing, the letter joins as expected. But when copying from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Publisher, it appears in its isolated form without spaces. There are no Unicode control characters such as ZWNJ, and pasting back into Word it appears connected again.

Another thing I noticed is that when I double-click on the word in publisher, it selects the whole word up to – but not including – the U+075C character, as though it does not consider it part of the same word.

Any ideas what might be going on or how to proceed? I’m happy to share the publisher files for your own testing.

Curious. I wonder if the issue is copying from Word or pasting into Publisher.
If you copy from Word and paste into another program, do you get U+075C? If you copy from another program and paste into Publisher, do you get the same problem?

You might post this issue over at Microsoft Answers, since it involves two Microsoft programs.
I see that someone has reported a problem with Arabic characters not joining when exporting to PDF from Publisher.

What version of Windows and what version of Publisher are you using?

I’ve got a vague memory that Microsoft forgot to implement support for the characters in that block for awhile, but I cannot remember at which point they started supporting them.

Also, from experience with Powerpoint, I used to be able to paste from Word to Powerpoint and it would retain the rendering IF I pasted as a Microsoft Word Document Object. You could try that.