Anyone into margins?

Hi folks,

Bloom’s margins have always been generous, and you get the same margins regardless of the size of paper. Over the years, as we’ve added smaller and smaller paper sizes, we haven’t ever changed those margins, so you can have a tiny book with huge margins. Advanced publishers worked around this by adding custom stylesheets.

With Bloom 5.7, we’re overhauling many aspects of our page styling system, so now is the time to re-think the default margins, both top, bottom, sides, and gutter (the amount added for binding in the middle). Now is the time to set specific default margins for each size of book.

I have searched around for some non-arbitrary sources of what the defaults should be, but I’m not finding anything compelling. The real experience with printing the small booklets we make with Bloom lies here, in this community. The question is, does anyone care enough about this dry topic to help me out?

You can see the current state of my thinking here.

You can give feedback or write to me privately if you like. Thanks!