Anybody else struggling with flicks on a mobile layout?

I decided to give mobile layouts a go, in particular, because I feel I can make them more efficient with flick gestures, but unfortunately, when I go to test the layout on my chrome browser, it straight up cannot read flick gestures.

Based on this [šŸ—ŗ Keyman Roadmap - March 2022 - #4 by Marc] and this [Keyman Roadmap ā€“ March 2022 ā€“ Keyman Blog], I think the flick feature will be operational in Keyman 17.
For me, Iā€™m waiting for KM 17 like a farmer waiting for the rains. :grinning:


Yes, @katelem is right. I feel the same as he does ā€“ I want 17.0 with full gesture support to arrive!

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