Any way to run KeyMan developer on Mac OSX or Linux

I don’t have any access to a Windows machine, but am working with some communities who want to build keyboards.

I’ve tried using Wine to run the downloaded keymandeveloper-11.0.1352.0.exe, but installation requires IE (!).

I’d appreciate any advice on either using the .exe or building Developer from GitHub on Linux or OSX.

Thank you!

Currently, the Keyman Developer IDE runs only on Windows and it would be an extensive effort to get it running on WINE or building cross-platform. However, the command line tools (downloadable from “kmcomp Compiler”) run fine in WINE. All of the source files for keyboard layouts (barring images) are UTF-8 text files so they can be edited with any editor. You may find it easiest to copy a keyboard out of the keyboards repository rather than starting from scratch.

We are starting a project to develop a cross-platform (and electron / web-based) version of Keyman Developer; we are seeking funding and/or partners to expedite development of this. If you have any ideas in this area, I’m all ears! :ear:

@CraigC as @Marc indicated you can use kmcomp with wine. On my Linux distribution I found I needed to create a 64-bit profile to use with wine. Creating a kmn file generating a kmx file is straightforward. The kps file and mobile layout files are doable but care is needed to assure that valid source files are generated. I have found on Linux that Visual Studio Code is a good choice for the editor.