Another touch screen developer oddity

I’ve noticed several times now, if I create a new longpress key, and add a character to it either by dragging a character into it from the character map, or double clicking the character in the character map, Developer handles this fine.

But if I have one character in a longpress key, then attempt to replace it with another character, dragging or double clicking the new character does not fully replace the previous character. The ID line still has the code from the first character. For example, I created a key and dragged U+0257 (d with hook) to it. Then I dragged 1D81 (d with a hook at the bottom of the letter) into that key, and my ID line still shows 0257.


I don’t think that changing the ID field is automatic.

Perhaps you’d like to propose that this be a new feature for Developer? (Or maybe it’s already in the queue.) But perhaps it should be a dialog that asks whether you want the ID to change to match the Text and/or Unicode fields?

Link to add a new issue

Secret tricks for playing with drag and drop in the touch editor:

Note, the documentation for v16 has been updated on our staging server, will be published ‘soon’: (@mengheng I think this change also needs to be copied to the v17 documentation?)

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@Steve_White - FYI here’s the link on our staging server for the secret tricks Marc mentioned.

Our team is revamping our website infrastructures so apologies in advance if the link is temporarily down when you try.

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