๐ŸŽ‰ Announcing the release of Bloom 5.6

Thank you to everyone who helped us test Bloom 5.6 while it was in Beta. It is now the Release.

See: Whatโ€™s new in 5.6


If you are using an older Release version, Bloom should automatically ask to update itself. Otherwise, you can get 5.6 from the Bloom downloads page. As usual, you can have the Release & Beta versions installed at the same time, and open books in either one.

If you are on the beta channel, you can stay there. We will keep Bloom 5.6 beta the same as Bloom 5.6 Release until the next version of Bloom is available as a beta in week or two.

If you have any questions about these new features, please ask them here on this forum. If you find bugs, please use Help:Report a Problem and include your book. If you need to use email, please send to issues@bloomlibrary.org.