Animate a word breaking down building up

This is similar to something i requested before (self-teaching primer template), but it didn’t sound like that was going to happen.

Perhaps this single feature would make the cut?

For example:
ma (break it apart) ma (make the first or second syllable disappear)
m(break it apart) a

m(a appears)
ma ma(second syllable–or in some cases first) appears
join the two syllables to make the word

I feel as though an interactive self-teaching primer is the ‘holy grail’. There are other apps which could create one, but they are expensive and complicated. It’s easy to do this kind of thing in Powerpoint, but PP doesn’t save files as interactive PDFs or ebooks. The ability to click on a word or letter to hear the associated sound would also be useful.

I imagine it would be possible to use the highlighting feature of a talking book to make a drill. So the word or syllable would be highlighted and spoken. Not quite animated, but at least somewhat so.

Yes we’ve been making some. No they’re not animated, and it’s not interactive, but it’s better than a book for helping people learn to read. I guess it is a book–an audio primer drill book. I may, as I have time and money, pursue other avenues of reaching that goal though.

Just a note that it is technically possible to create animated and even interactive pages in Bloom. You would need someone who can program in javascript to create the page.