Android font size (inside of keyboard)

The size of the letters on the Keyman keys is affected by the system-wide Android font settings.

Other keyboards (Gboard, AOSP) don’t seem to scale the letters like this. Is this a problem with Keyman, or is there something that I (the keyboard developer for this specific language) can do to make sure this doesn’t happen on end users phone.

[By the way, I had to restart the phone after changing font settings.]

Hello @Malachi_James,

I think this is an issue related to Keyman. You can try to change the height of the keyboard. Go to Keyman → Settings → Adjust keyboard height.

Also, can I know what device is this? Is it a tablet? and what version of Keyman are you using?

Thank you!

The keyboard was developed with 16.0.147. The pictures are from my phone, which is also running 16.0.147 (of the Android app). My phone is a OnePlus 6t (a6013), but since this was a problem originally reported by another user, I’m pretty sure it’s true for most or all phones.

Yes, adjusting the keyboard height lets me see the full letters when they’re full size.

However, that kind of misses the point. This problem was originally reported to me by someone who knows next to nothing about phones or computers. I’d like to be able to provide a keyboard which works for people out of the box without them having to make extra settings (like change their Android font settings or manually adjust the Keyman keyboard height).

If this is a bug in Keyman, what I would expect to happen would be for

  1. Keyman to ignore the system-wide font settings, and just use the font size that I (the keyboard developer) chose to best fit the keyboard, or (maybe) for
  2. Keyman to accept the system-wide font, but then automatically try to adjust the height to fit it (still allowing for that choice to be manually overridden later if desired).

I have created an issue: bug(android): keyboard font size is affected by system font setting · Issue #11279 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.

Feel free to add more details to this.

I guess you could call this a problem with Keyman? Granted, it is there for accessibility - we do want key text to be larger (within reason) if a user needs it. The way that the letters are being pushed halfway down the key is absolutely unexpected and would be considered a bug.

I can’t reproduce the bad positioning seen in the first image on my local (tablet) test device, but I can certainly see that the text is larger when I use accessibility settings to scale up font size. Is it the text size you consider a bug, or is the fact that it’s resulted in the letters being pushed partly out of view also something you consider to be a bug?

I would consider the “bug” to be how the letters are being pushed out of view.

Having said that, I personally don’t think SAB ought to follow the system font size settings at all. As I said in the OP, neither Gboard nor the AOSP keyboard on my phones scale any when I change font sizes. To me, the keyboard is something that’s too dependent on screen size to scale easily or naturally.

But if SAB continued to scale the font while making sure the letters didn’t get cut off, I would consider that an acceptable solution (though I suspect making sure they don’t get cut off will be quite difficult from a programmings standpoint, because fonts do strange things with base line height).

Hello @Malachi_James,

This issue has been fixed. Take a look at fix(android): fixes kbd text zoom to prevent accessibility cross-effects #11281.

You can now upgrade or download Keyman version 17 to resolve this problem on your devices.


Having just tested briefly, it seems like this fixed the problem! Thank you very much.

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