Android build not working

I’m on an M1 Mac running macOS Monterey. I’ve been trying to build an app that I was previously able to build successfully on an older Mac, but now it’s not working: when I click “Build Android App”, I get a couple of progress bars (“Sorting lexicon…” and “Writing fonts…”), and then no output. Previously it used to open up a terminal window where it would compile the app.

I have updated to the latest version of Dictionary App Builder, and made sure I have the latest versions of the Android SDK and the JDK, but without success so far. Is there something else I could be missing? Also, is there a way I can build the app from the command line, so I can directly see what is going wrong?

Please update to version 10 for Mac released 30 June 2022.

Thanks. I updated to the July 1st version, and tried “Build Android App” again. This time it asked me to download the JDK and Android SDK again, which I did. However, after that I still got the same problem: when I click “Build Android App”, it shows me a few progress bars, and then doesn’t do anything.

Can you test on version 10.0.1.

Sorry for the slow reply.

I just tested with the version 10.0.1, and still have the same issue (clicking “Build Android App” brings up the progress bar, and then nothing else happens).

I am using 64-bit Zulu OpenJDK for Java 11, and the Android SDK packages I have are cmdline-tools 6.0, Build Tools 32.0.0, Platform Tools 33.0.2, and Platform API 31 (for Android 12).

Do you have a separate installation of Gradle?

No, I don’t. I have at least one other installation of OpenJDK, but have made sure that DAB is pointed at the right one (which was installed by clicking the “Install JDK…” button).

Is there an answer to this? I seem to have the same problem. No feedback in the app to tell me if this is a data problem (first time on this database with dab), install, or other……
I’'m on latest linux (9.2.3)