Android build not working

I’m on an M1 Mac running macOS Monterey. I’ve been trying to build an app that I was previously able to build successfully on an older Mac, but now it’s not working: when I click “Build Android App”, I get a couple of progress bars (“Sorting lexicon…” and “Writing fonts…”), and then no output. Previously it used to open up a terminal window where it would compile the app.

I have updated to the latest version of Dictionary App Builder, and made sure I have the latest versions of the Android SDK and the JDK, but without success so far. Is there something else I could be missing? Also, is there a way I can build the app from the command line, so I can directly see what is going wrong?

Please update to version 10 for Mac released 30 June 2022.

Thanks. I updated to the July 1st version, and tried “Build Android App” again. This time it asked me to download the JDK and Android SDK again, which I did. However, after that I still got the same problem: when I click “Build Android App”, it shows me a few progress bars, and then doesn’t do anything.

Can you test on version 10.0.1.