Ancient Greek - iOS support

Hi, I’ve been using the “Polytonic Greek (SIL)” keyboard for a couple years now. It appears it’s no longer installable on new devices. And iOS is not listed under supported platforms.

There’s not an author contact, so I’m hitting you guys here. Is there an insight into the status of supporting Ancient Greek on iOS? It looks like the other recomended Greek Keyboards also don’t offer iOS support and cannot be installed. So I’m a tad at a loss on alternatives.

Welcome back to the community @Dylan,

Unfortunately, Polytonic Greek (SIL) keyboard doesn’t support mobile devices. You can try Galaxie Greek (Phonetic) keyboard and Greek Polytonic Unicode keyboard which both support IOS.

Can I know which Operating System that you can’t install the keyboard on?



I’m a tad confused. Has this changed lately? I have this keyboard installed on both an iPhone X (iOS 16) and an iPhone 7 (iOS 15). I use it everyday.

I’m trying to install it on a new iPhone (iOS 16).

I think what is happening here is that we resolved a problem in the deployment of keyboards, where some keyboards were being made available to mobile platforms, even if they weren’t listed as supporting them (and in some cases didn’t work at all on mobile).

The SIL Polytonic Greek keyboard is listed as supporting only ‘web’ and ‘desktop’ platforms. So you were effectively using a desktop keyboard on the phone – it works, but the layout is not optimal.

Obviously, as you are successfully using the keyboard on your phone, it is not optimal to take it away.

So, I think we’ll do this:

  1. We will patch the keyboard to make it available to mobile platforms again, but without any other changes
  2. Someone (us, you, anyone!) builds a proper optimized mobile layout for the keyboard

Tracking this issue at #2818

Hi @Dylan - We’ve just “republished” the sil_greek_polytonic keyboard for all (any) platforms.

Let us know if that works for you.

The issue will remain open since the TODO is to create a touch-optimized layout.