Amharic Keyboard font Conflict with Logos

Greetings to you all,
I am facing a font conflict when I am using Keman Amharic Keyboard. I was using Keyman along with Logos for many years. Every time I am using Amharic Keyboard in Logos I see the following problems.

አማርኛ መጻፍ አልችም ( This is written in this message page using Keyman Keyboard. This is the normal and correct response of the Keyboards)
አምማርኝኛ ምመጽጻፍ አልችልም (This was the result when I was typing using the same Keyboard. However it is not a right response of the Keyboards)
If there is any one willing to mend this problem for me I will be willing to pay the price that for offering a solution to my problem. Please email me.

Hi @teshaile,

Can you tell us which version of Logos, which version of Keyman, and whether you are using Windows or macOS?