Allowing Keyman Permissions on Mac Sonoma

I’ve been speaking with a user that has encountered issues with fv_kwadacha_tsekene not working as expected, and I suspect that this has to do with Keyman not having the full required permissions. I passed along How to configure macOS security options for Keyman, including the tip on using a Keyman keyboard prior to attempting to add it to any of the categories, and Keyman still isn’t showing up in their Applications. They passed along that they are not the only user experiencing this.

The user has reinstalled Keyman several times, and updated their computer to the most recent version of MacOS. They are using Mac OS Sonoma 14.3 and Keyman 16.0.144.

I have reinstalled Keyman and the keyboard several times and have not been able to recreate the issue (Sonoma 14.1.2 and Keyman 16.0.144). Any ideas on what could be happening here? Thanks in advance.

@Shawn can you assist here?


I am also unable to reproduce the issue so far. Can you describe the unexpected behavior in more detail? If I know exactly how its misbehaving, then that may indicate whether it is related to permissions.

What do you mean by Keyman not showing up in the user’s applications?

Also, is the issue related to this single keyboard, and does it work ok with any other keyboard?

If you have detailed information for more than one user experiencing the issue, then it would also help to know whether they are using the same version of macOS and whether the problem occurs only when typing in certain applications. Issues around security are sometimes specific to an OS version as Apple makes adjustments with a new OS release.


Hi @Shawn,

Not a problem. When typing Option + /, the expected output is / but instead the default ÷ is being output.

While attempting to follow the instructions in How to configure macOS security options for Keyman, Keyman does not show up as an option to add, both in the menu and after clicking the +. We tried using Keyman for a time, then clicking the + to see if it can be added but no luck. Even when using the search bar searching across the Mac, Keyman does not appear.
I encountered the same issue with Keyman not being an option to add and not showing up when attempting to add it, but it was resolved by using Keyman briefly as suggested. Please let me know if this isn’t clear and I can take screenshots or a screen recording.

This is the only keyboard that the user has - would it be worth seeing if it can be replicated with another?

I will check in and get back to you with more details.


Hi @HopsAndHops,

Thanks for the helpful details. With the fv_kwadacha_tsekene keyboard selected, I was able to produce the ‘/’ by holding the right option key and typing the / key. If I use the left option key, then I get ‘÷’.

Does it vary for you based on left or right option key? If so, that would not be permissions related, as it would cause problems for all modifier keys.

Are there other key combinations that are causing a problem?


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