Allow credits page to be the inside page

It often happens that the books I want to make require a facing pages spread so I want to start them on a LHS page. I don’t want to have to add a blank page after the credits page and waste paper.(If I’m printing only a few copies, that’s not a problem but if I’m printing many many copies it is a problem.) I want to be able to replace the inside front cover page if it is not needed for something important with the credits page, then the title page remains as page 1 and I can begin the contents of my book on page 2, a LHS page and follow through with the facing pages. But I’m not allowed to do that in normal Bloom use. BUT I do have a book in one of my collections that has the credits page on the inside of the front cover. I can’t remember how that was achieved. I suspect someone more knowledgeable than I did it for me! So it can be done. But I can’t find anything in the documentation about how to do it.

So, can this become an allowable option OR can you allow me to do it when I click the settings option for the book which allows me to make changes to things if I really really need to? A mention of how to achieve my goal in the documentation would be good too in case others need to do it.

You can change the front/back matter pack in Bloom to “Paper Saver”, which puts the credits info on the inside front cover. But keep in mind that this might not meet the standards of some publishers. You will find this in Settings > Book Making (the second tab).
Also keep in mind that Bloom will add extra pages at the end of a book to make the total pages divisible by 4 if the book will be centre-folded when printed. Depending on your book it might not save any paper to add a blank page after the Credits page… or it might require adding 3 blank pages at the end! You could add a Preface if a blank right-side page looks odd.

Thanks Kim. Brilliant. So glad this option exists. Yes of course one has to comply with publishing standards but where it is not needed in a particular order, it is very useful and allows the book to start quickly for the user with no messy extras.