Allow choice of footnote link symbol

I know I can choose a footnote symbol in SAB, but I want to be able to change the footnote symbol in RAB. I want an asterisk * instead of a, b, c, etc.

Is this possible to be added to the functionality? It seems like if you can do it in SAB, there isn’t any reason it couldn’t be done in RAB, but maybe it is more complicated than I think. I’d rather not have to re-build the apps in SAB just to get this functionality, but I realize this may be the only solution for a while.

What is your source document in? SFM or Word?

It is just a Word document

Ok. Can you make one of your Word documents available. If the document is in SFM it should not be a problem. So want to check where the issue is happening. If you don’t want to make it public then send me a personal message of how to get your file.

Okay, I bought the Word document into RAB. I then in Books I chose the book on the left. I selected the Source tab on the right. Then I exported the SFM representation of the Word Document.

\ft \c_FootnoteReference *\c_FootnoteReference* xxx sealing wax\f*\c_FootnoteReference *\c_FootnoteReference*. 

I changed the text above to this:

\f * \ft xxxx sealing wax\f*. 

Then on using that text as the source, I had an asterisk as the caller. In the popup it is only the text xxx sealing wax not starting with an asterisk. But an Asterisk can be added after the \ft * before the rest of the text. Though in a popup it is not needed like in a book.

I found a bug in the DOCX2SFM conversion. The space after a footnote is lost. So that has to be added back in manually or by search and replace.