Allow book title to display in font chosen for book's vernacular title (Bloom collection tab and Bloom Reader)

For some reason the book titles in the booklist have the wrong"a" . We don’t use that “a” in our lg group because it looks too much like a schwa. Can this be fixed?

Soo, could you provide a picture of the “a” you are seeing and the one you want? I’m also not quite sure where you are seeing this…in Bloom itself, in an RAB app, in Bloom Reader, or somewhere else?
It might also be helpful to know a font that you like to use that has the correct “a”.
Do you get the shape you want in the books themselves?

This “a” we don’t want. It apears in both Bloom and in the app. Thankfully the contents of the books have the open ‘a’ but I can’t type it here for you. My phone keyboard doesn’t give me that option. Its the open a we learn when first learning to write. Like a ‘d’ with a short stem.
In my book collection on Bloom the title of my books appears under each book in a font that is obviously not andika.This is then carried over to the Bloom reader book list. What we need instead is the title if the books taken out of the title pages of the books instead. Then andika would be used instead. Sorry it’s confusing let me know and I will need to send you screen shots from my computer tomorrow. Its past bedtime here in Australia so I’ll have to sign off now or I’ll turn into a pumpkin.Sue

If I understand correctly, you are requesting that the book title, in both the Bloom collection and the Bloom Reader list, appear in the font used for the book’s vernacular title?

Yes!! Im glad you understand.