Ahom Star 1.3

Can anyone help me to upgrade my Ahom_Star_1 keybord with this

Hello @drhemanta,

I can help you on this but can you send me the whole file in Google Drive? Also, please include detail on what’s new for version 1.3.

The. kmp file is not allow to upload to GitHub. Read: Guide: Keyboard Submissions using GitHub

Thank you!

We would need the source files and not the compiled files.

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ahom_star_1.3.kmp (Unzipped Files)
Please find this

I have send a request to access the folder. I’m waiting for you to accept it.

Hemanta Gogoi shared a folder

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Hemanta Gogoi (drhemanta97@gmail.com) has invited you to contribute to the following shared folder:
Kindly see this and help me.
Thank you
Dr Hemanta Gogoi

ahom_star_1.3.kmp (Unzipped Files)

This email grants access to this item without logging in. Only forward it to people you trust.


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