Advanced filtering

I’m trying to find a way to make it somewhat easier for those without FLEx running natively to sort by word type (obsolete, rare, etc.). Is there a way to do this in language forge? I guess as a kludge, we could duplicate whatever the word’s information is in one of the note fields that doesn’t show up in the dictionary, but this is reduplicated effort.

Is there a way to filter results by option list fields? If not, is there any plan to make this possible in the future?

Hi aabdalia,

Filtering by option list value would be a nice to have feature. Currently the filter works for finding empty or non-empty fields of your choice. You have correctly identified the work-around. Copy the option list value into a custom field and then use that as your filter axis. If others are interested in this feature, they can reply to this issue.

Hi Chris,

I’m with aabdalia to express interest in a “Filter for…” feature that is comparable to what we have in FLEx already. For example, it would be helpful to sort for all “plants” (in Semantic Domains), or to sort for all verbs, or even (especially!) to sort for all words that “end in __” (for the poets who are looking for rhymes).

The current Search feature is great for finding a word you already know, no matter how many thousand words are in the dictionary. But narrowing those thousands down to the few that one might be interested in for a search or topic or rhyme, that’s where a “Filter for” development would really pay off.

Thank you guys for your hard work!

Thanks Jonathan for this feedback. I agree that this would be a good idea. We’ll keep this in mind for a future feature. As a favor to the developers and since you use Language Forge, would you mind posting how it has benefited you here in this post? Do you use Language Forge? Please take a moment and tell us! Much appreciated!

Hi Chris, I’ve returned to see how it might be possible to collaborate with friends and mother-tongue speakers on Language Forge. I’ve not used it yet due to the size of our lexicon (almost 1700 entries) with few options for filtering the data (see above) to a navigable group to focus on.

Are there any initiatives on the horizon to increase the filtering capabilities in Language Forge?

Thanks so much for your work!