Add Chakma page numbers

Hi, is there any way to manually add another language for page numbering? We’re making books in some Bangladeshi minority languages and they are not available (in Chakma, for example).

Are you asking if it is possible for a user to add to this list themselves?

Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time, but if you give us the information, we should be able to get it into the next version of Bloom.


I found this image:


But I have not been able to find the digits themselves (just the image of them). As Andrew said, if you can send us those, actually we can push out a version of 4.1 for you to download the next day.


The digits are U+11136 (CHAKMA DIGIT ZERO) through U+1113F (CHAKMA DIGIT NINE). A Chakma font is available from . (Or have I misunderstood the question?)

Thanks David, that’ll do it.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply, folks! Yes, that is the correct font.

This is now available in Bloom 4.1.5.

You will of course need to specify a font that can display Chakma; Andika New Basic (the default) cannot.

Also, we noticed that Chakma lives in the unicode range where things get very confusing for programs. I had to tweak our page number code to handle it, even though we already support 19 other numbering systems. We have not done any testing with languages in this unicode range, and would not be surprised if some features didn’t work correctly, for example Decodable Readers. So if you run into problems when making Chakma books, please try and see if the problem only happens in Chakma, and then report that to us. Thanks.