Acute accent

Hi. Since updating to Keyman 13 I can no longer get acute accents by typing @3. And also to get that @ sign I have to type " when I’m using IPA (SIL) even though I’ve checked and my base keyboard is set to English UK. The documentation still indicates that this is the correct keystroke for an acute accent, so I’m not sure why it’s not working any more.

Hi, could you tell whether you are on Windows or macOS? The keyboard works well on my Windows 10 Pro 1909.

I’m running Windows 10 Home 1903 - not sure why mine hasn’t updated to 1909 but I deliberately delayed the 2004 update because of the bug with logging in repeatedly.

I managed to solve the issue eventually, by going into my language settings and choosing options for ‘Undetermined’

Then I removed the US keyboard option which was listed above IPA (SIL). Maybe that meant it was the preferred option. I can still choose the US layout, but it seems to be correctly defaulting back to UK now.

Anyway, it’s now working, not sure if this is helpful for you, but if someone else comes with the exact same problem they can try thisǃ



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Hi Lizzie, great that you found a way around it. :slight_smile:

IPA (SIL) is a non-language keyboard and Windows should have automatically added it under “Undetermined (und-Latn)”.

Here is what is shown in my keyboard list of Keyman Desktop:

The windows language bar may arrange keyboards a little differently, but it should also have IPA (SIL) under the same category, “Undetermined (und-Latn)”

Hi again,

Yes, the Undetermined has always been like that, but I think in the keyman desktop list the US keyoard one was listed above SIL (IPA) so I wonder if it somehow got ‘promoted’ with the update. US keyboard is no longer an option under ‘Undetermined’ now I’ve removed it so I guess that means Keyman has no choice over which ‘Undetermined’ keyboard to use. Bt yes, all sorted now :slight_smile:


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It looks like this is an interference from Windows. From the Configuration, no spurious keyboard name is found under IPA (SIL) (See the screenshot below). Windows language preferences do not seem to reflect the keyboarded listed in Keyman Configuration. @Marc may be able to confirm this.

Note: having the US keyboard installed should not interfere with how Keyman processes the underlying layout settings. @makara, the US keyboard would not appear in Keyman Configuration – that lists only Keyman keyboards.

@lizzie, glad it is all sorted now!