Accessing Stylistic Sets for Mondulkiri Fonts

There are no changes when the stylistic sets in Khmer Mondulkiri and Khmer Busra are chosen in InDesign (v18 & v19) and also in LibreOffice (7.5 & 7.6).

I do not know of any other Khmer fonts with stylistic sets to try. Or maybe I am just missing something in the settings.

Hi - The Stylistic sets should be working fine, at least in LibreOffice. Most of the sets are for specific demonstration purposes or to work around application issues. Which set are you wanting to use? The available sets are documented in the Stylistic Sets in Mondulkiri fonts PDF file in the main release package:

We’re about to release a major new version of Busra that will not have all the same stylistic sets, so it would be helpful to know which set would be useful to you.

I have found the typeface Busra to be a good and warm font for books. Overall it has an ease of reading that I think is good for long reading. (This is from an English designer’s perspective). However after I laid a book out and presented it to the translators, they mentioned three things about the font that caused them to discourage its use.

I tried to use the styles to correct one of the changes needed, but I have still not been able to achieve the activation of the first stylistic set.

I am glad to hear that there is a new update for this font and I look forward to its release.

As you asked for some feedback, I would like to present the three things of concern that were shared with me.

  1. The first are the top marks and the cross confusion that they cause. These are a comparison of Khmer Busra and Google Hanuman. All of the Khmer people that I have talked to say that one angled mark is the preferred variation.

  2. The “ura” character needs to be connected. The “eea” form can be more distinct.

  3. There is another issue about the location of feet. When only one foot is present it is right aligned, so therefore it is not in the position that the readers typically look for them.

Thank you for considering these suggestions!

Thanks. What OS and version are you running InD and LO on?

We’ve now confirmed that the stylistic sets in the v7 fonts are no longer working in LD and InD (but used to work fine). The good news is that it works with our next version fonts currently in testing. That will be out in a few weeks. We’re also looking at your other requests.