About the SIL Fonts category


About SIL Fonts

SIL develops fonts for a wide range of uses and writing systems.

A list of current fonts is available on the SIL Language Technology Products page.

What Belongs Here

This forum is a place where users of SIL fonts can help one another, answer questions about font use, and discuss desired improvements. If you’re having trouble using an SIL font you can describe your problem, and hopefully someone who can help will respond. Members of SIL’s font production team will be participating in this community forum, but can’t guarantee that they will be able to address issues that are raised.

Better Sent Elsewhere

If you have a reproducible bug with an SIL font, please go to that product’s web site (such as Annapurna ) and submit it using the contact form there. Or you can use the general SIL Language Technology contact form.

This forum is also intended for issues related to SIL Fonts only. If you have questions about using fonts from other companies or organizations, please talk to those companies. If you have problems with font use in particular applications please contact those app development teams.

If your issues relates to keyboarding or data entry, the Keyman forum would be a better location for the discussion.

How To Create A Useful Topic

Please include the SIL font you’re using in the topic title, and include any other potentially relevant details (operating system, version, application, etc.). Please do not include personal information, as this is a public forum.