"About Box" addition

I’m learning my way around DAB. I added some contact and copyright information in the ‘About Box’. There are a number of HTML formatting hints at the top, but one that I wished was there but wasn’t is tags to add colour, particularly for hyperlinks (for web pages and e-mail addresses). I did a lot of searching and a number of tests until I finally found something that worked: text. I wonder if this could be added to the HTML options at the top? One more line could save the next person who wants a coloured hyperlink a lot of time! Thanks for considering this.

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What did you end up using? Can you recommend the text that would be displayed?

Funny, I’m sure I put it in my original message–where I have ‘text’ after the colon–but it must have been stripped out… Here’s another example using the ‘preformatted text’ option: [<font color="0000FF">Creative Commons</font>](http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/). When I remove the single quotes it shows blue in the ‘preview’ pane to the right: [Creative Commons](http:// creativecommons . org /licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/).
As for recommended text, how about something like:

  • blue links: [<font color="0000FF">link text</font>](http://link)

following ‘email links’ (since this works for them as well)? A link to the HTML palette (https:// www.computerhope . com/ htmcolor. htm) could also be added, if someone wanted a different colour.

I tried combining colour with underlining (link) but that didn’t work… Just one at a time, it seemed.

Hmmm… I just tried to post this and was told that ‘new users can’t post links’. :frowning: Remove the spaces in the non-links if you want to use them.

I would also appreciate more built-in hints on what html coding to use in the About Box.

I had no problem getting my links to turn blue automatically in the app. It would be interesting to know how to make certain text a different color though.

try this…html color code