A way to export source text only?

Is there a simple way to export one of the source texts (text only) from a Bloom book? The “Export to WORD” option only exports the text in the book itself (not the source texts). For the Bible Story books which have source texts in 4 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, French), I would like to export/extract the Portuguese source text to send to a mother-tongue speaker (working remotely) for translation. (I can copy and paste the source text from each page, but would be quite time consuming). I just discovered that I can add Portuguese as a second language (to the book) so that it shows up when I export to Word, but it still means copy/pasting the text from each individual page.

You can set both language 1 and language 2 to Portuguese, export to Word, copy all the text, and paste into a text-only editor such as Notepad.

After setting the languages in the collection settings, you may have to go back into edit mode before exporting to Word again to get the settings to apply to the book.

Alec, is there any possibility of the remote translator installing and using Bloom? It is specifically designed to support translating books into new languages. And there is a command to create a BloomPack with all the books in your current collection that you can send to a translator.

Thanks, Andrew. Following up on your tip, I just figured out how to change Language 1 to Portuguese. After exporting to WORD I can relatively quickly delete the illustrations so only the Portuguese text is left. Presto!

Hi John. That is not possible at the moment. Wish I had thought of doing that before the shutdown. Will do that and give the translator the training to produce these on his own when the world opens up again. Thanks.