A Student Having Trouble Installing the Hebrew SIL Keyboard

A student in my Hebrew class is having trouble installing the Hebrew SIL Keyboard.
He has installed Keyman.
He has downloaded the keyboard file (sil_hebrew.kmp).
He can see this window:

After clicking “Yes”, nothing happens.
The keyboard list is still empty:

He has restarted the Macbook. It’s still the same.

Keyman might not have been configured correctly.

Refer to the instructions for more info on what should be done for the freshly installed Keyman on macOS: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman.

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Hi @makara,
Thank you very much for the instructions. The student is finally able to type Hebrew!

One suggestion about the configuration instruction page.

The student reported that he does not see Keyman in Accessibility. It would be great to provide some instructions in this situation, as Keyman is not located in the Application folder.
Here is what I sent to the student:

As for the Accessibility setting, you can do this:

Go to: /Users//Library/Input Methods/Keyman.app

Replace with your user name.

If you don’t know how to, when you are in Finder, click the “Go” menu and then click the “Library” submenu (You may need to press the “Option” key in order to show the “Library” submenu):
Screenshot_2021-08-18 10.58.28_FBg1Hp

Then navigate to the “Input Methods” folder, and you will see “Keyman.app” inside.

Once you are able to locate “Keyman.app”, open the “System Preference” and go to the “Privacy” window again. First, click the “lock” at the bottom-left corner and type your password. Then, drag “Keyman.app” from your folder to the Privacy list box. Check it and you are good to go.


Thanks, this is helpful. Normally, Keyman will appear there automatically without the need to drag the app in, so not sure why it didn’t in this case, but that’s still a good workaround.

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