A phonetic keyboard for Farsi (Persian) for Windows

attached is my phofarsi.kmn for anyone interested in a Farsi keyboard. in Word® 365, Shift-key combinations are not always consistent, but that’s Word 365, and it’s not the place to whine about it. Steve, have a look, what do you think? All Farsi users and speakers, please try it, and if you think you can make it better, go right ahead and drop me a note here.phofarsi.kmn (1.8 KB)

I’m surprised you are experiencing inconsistencies in Word. Would you like to discuss that further in a separate topic or open an issue at https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues?

I wonder if you’d be willing to share a .kmp packaged version of the keyboard so other users can try it without needing to compile it themselves?

… trying to find a way to make a kmp file. Would you walk me there, please? The Build tab doesn’t say. thank you.

@Orew, you should be able to use the Package Tutorial here :slight_smile:


A great tutorial! Thanks. To avoid more mistakes, I need to do the work on our Tuesday (a national holiday) and then I’ll post my masterpiece!

I appreciate and will remember your care.


7:20 PM Sunday Oct 20th, Tokyo


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I tried, tried and stubbornly tried again. And failed to make the .kmp file. My installed keyword works flawlessly. I have almost memorized the package making guide but somewhere down the road I stumble. What I have now is the keyboard
layout, the pics and SIL’s own font Scheherazade-Regular.ttf. I need time, unless you allow me to send you the welcome.png (in lieu of welcome.html) and readme.html, and the phofarsi.kmn.

With much gratitude,


Sunday 27, Tokyo

No problem :slight_smile: If you like, we can help – @makara can setup a time to remote with you and walk you through.

@Orew Thank you for the effort you have put in to creating the .kmp of the keyboard. For the remote support, please give me a few slots of time that you may be available and what mode of communication you prefer (Skype or Hangouts).

Greetings, Marc and Makara,

Thank you for the very kind, generous offer. I’m honored and privileged.

My time zone is Japan standard time (JST). I am home from 6PM JST. I’ll be fortunate to connect with you till 11:30 PM JST. On Friday I’m available from 8 AM to 8PM JST. And Saturday from 1PM-to 9 PM JST.

I have both Skype ad Hangouts.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude,


7:47 PM JST