A more configurable calendar template

-Ability to remove pages (if we don’t want a picture for each month on a separate page) or add extra front/back pages
-Ability to set page size (to A4 or A6) when first creating a calendar

I see that there’s various posts about the Calendar template, so I’m not sure which one to add this to. Are there any plans for further development of this template?

One common request I hear is for the ability to change the numbers within the calendar.

The calendar is great for those languages that use the same numbering system, but not for those with different numbering and/or script.

There’s already the ability to change the names of the days and months (and even use other scripts if there is a keyboard installed). Having the ability to also enter the numbers/script for each number would be good.

Also the ability to choose what day the week starts on - Sunday or Monday.

Sorry, there are no plans to work on the calendar at this time.