2nd gloss language

I noticed in the Sept 2023 webinar about The Combine that it’s set up to offer 1 gloss language, i.e. only 1 gloss language.

In “my” region of Papua New Guinea, it would be really helpful (almost essential) to enter double gloss data at the moment of collecting words: in both Tok Pisin and in English. Not only due to varying educational levels of participants, but also since some lexemes lend themselves to straightforward glosses in Tok Pisin, but difficult glosses in English. Would it be an option in The Combine to display and therefore enter gloss data in a 2nd language (at the same time)?

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It is not currently possible to enter glosses in multiple analysis languages on the same screen where the words are entered.

The Combine was designed as a tool to facilitate Rapid Word Collection (RWC) workshops. Best practice for a RWC workshop is to avoid, as much as possible, anything that might slow the word-collection process down. For this reason, in multilingual situations (whether multiple dialects of the vernacular or multiple gloss languages), we recommend picking one vernacular dialect and one gloss language to use throughout the workshop. Other dialects and gloss languages can be added later and will presumably not require the involvement of the large number of people required for the word collection itself. In your situation, you might consider entering glosses only in Tok Pisin and adding English glosses after the event. Is that a reasonable option, in your opinion?