2 Requests Please

I recently updated both Keyman and Keyman Developer. It was great that it automatically uninstalled my old Version 9.0 and thank you for having it ask first. However, why did it not warn me that this would delete the keyboard I had previously created for personal use? It would have been very useful to be able to type with my old keyboard to update the layout rather than having to start from scratch. Would you please add a warning about how updating will delete existing private keyboards?

Thankfully, I had already made a tabled list of where I wanted each key. But when copying & pasting characters from that list into Keyman’s visual layout creator, it insists upon displaying the “Select Key” message of “Press any letter, number or punctuation key” every single time I paste a character. Would you please add an option to turn that message off? Surely most people who create keyboards for new scripts have to cut & paste characters in the first time. It may be useful to see it once but seeing it for every key is a major pain.

Thanks for all your good work with this software too.


Keyman tries very hard to keep existing keyboards installed during upgrades. There are some circumstances where certain keyboards may not transition successfully through an upgrade, but it should be possible to just reinstall them from the source again. The upgrade log files normally can detail if a keyboard does not get make it through the upgrade. (See %localappdata%\Keyman\Diag for log files).

Keyman Developer certainly never deletes any user files on an upgrade :slight_smile:

The Select Key message is normally shown if you press and release the Ctrl key without any other key. It should not normally be displayed otherwise. I have managed to reproduce this issue when I press Ctrl+V very rapidly – if I press more slowly, it does not happen. I’ve documented this for resolution at #7419.

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Thanks for explaining Marc :slight_smile: Part of the problem may be that I had switched machines between when I originally built the runic keyboard (on Version 9.0) and now. I do recall that while transferring it across I encountered some problems but once I had it working I never worried about the details. Perhaps that could have been a factor. Anyway, I managed to find the old file on a backup drive after a while and it came in helpful later.

I do appreciate that Keyman makes an effort to do what is best for its users. Thanks for noting the minor issue with Ctrl+V.

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The Select Key message issue has been fixed in Keyman 16 with the merge of https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/pull/7430. An alpha release build with the fix will be available tomorrow.