What is "Member id" and how can I fix it?

I already have version 16.0

Your .kmn file needs this line in the header section:
store(&VERSION) '15.0'
That’s the minimum version of Keyman that it can be used on.

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Now my last question: How can I make the keyboard higher?

Like this

I’m using Keyboard App Builder

I suspect that the second image has taller characters because it only has four rows of keys rather than five. (I believe that Keyman takes a fixed amount of space and adjusts the key sizes to fit.) You would have to see if restricting your layout to four rows would leave you with a usable keyboard.

On Android, the user can adjust the height of the keyboard in Keyman’s Settings. This is a user preference rather than a keyboard designer preference.


Now it’s finally done. Thank you all for your help!