Search by organization & accessibility when getting books in Bloom Reader

we love that you can go directly to Bloom Library to the app to get books. However, the only available search feature is by language. Would it be possible to add more options? Organization for example or accessibility features?

On another note, when you first install the app, it comes with The moon and the Cap preinstalled. Would you consider adding an accessible book as well? It alerts readers and creators to the possibility that these resources could exist!

thank you!

@Chetana there’s two great feature requests here that I’m sure others would appreciate.

I know the developers like to have feature requests in separate posts, so I’ve created a post (here) for the second request.

The Bloom Library landing page allows users to search for books by language, topic, special interest, features, organizations etc.

But the link within the Bloom Reader just allows users to search for books by language. It would be great if this also allowed users to search by topic, organization, features (e.g. accessible).

For example, users could search for Chetana books by choosing/typing the organization instead of typing/selecting a language then scrolling through the list to find the Chetana books.

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Thank you Liz. I should have done that myself. Appreciate your help!